HONGSA Mine Mouth Power Project
(3X600MW Nominal Capacity)


HONGSA Mine Mouth Power Project (3X600MW Nominal Capacity) is under Framework Agreement on Energy Cooperation between Thailand and the Laos. It is an IPP project, co-invested by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), BANPU power Limited (BPP) and the Laos Government. The contract value signed by CNEEC amounts to USD 1,68 billion and the construction period is 5 years.

The project is located in Hongsa town of the Laos, 30km from the frontier of Thailand. It is 5km far away from the opening-cut brown coal mine, and is a mine mouth power plant. Most of the generated electricity will be transmitted to the State Grid of Thailand via 500kV power transmission lines, while the rest will be transmitted to State Grid of the Laos via 115kV power transmission lines.

As the largest cooperation project between Thailand and the Laos, as well as the largest EPC thermo-power Plant exported by China, it improves greatly the influence of CNEEC in electrical industry.

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